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by Yure (Yure16)
Size: 14 KB
License: Creative Commons (by)
Submitted: 2012-03-11 23:50:23
Updated: 2012-03-11 23:50:23
Rating: (85%, 4 votes)

Downloads: 170

Linux Multimedia Studio, caps, tap-plugins, fil-plugins, freepats, mcp-plugins, omins.

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Histakes (534224) wrote on 2012-03-13 20:06:34

Good, nice, anyway, I am starting to thing that You, Zapster, Gresh, and I are the only guys who constanly upload stuff. (I do, sometimes, but I visit this page at least one time a day. :D). So, keep it up! :)

Jere Klaavo (Jernemies) wrote on 2012-03-13 21:40:53

Fluent and calming, nicely dynamic also mainly due to the controllers. That SID sounds like flanged, nicely hid trick =D. Overall not bad. @Del: They're the ones doing the most of the frontpage tracks. Lol, I don't see you as THAT active one =D. I also visit here at least once a day to hear any good stuff.

Ian (GRESHZ) wrote on 2012-03-14 11:25:55

nice!! really good one 5/5

Ian (GRESHZ) wrote on 2012-03-14 11:39:10

@Del: zapster and i are actually brothers so we sort of keep each other going ;)

Histakes (534224) wrote on 2012-03-14 17:44:37


Yure (Yure16) wrote on 2012-03-15 02:30:12

@Everyone: Maybe, maybe... we could try to compose something together. A collaboration.