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This is the current list of instrument plugins, and links to their specific sections in the documentation:

Instrument Plugins

  • AudioFileProcessor - playing audio files.
  • BitInvader - 'simple and dirty' wavetable synthesis.
  • Kicker - drum synthesis.
  • LB302 - a monophonic implementation of the TB303 sound.
  • Mallets - a struck-instrument synthesizer
  • Organic - an additive organ synthesizer.
  • FreeBoy - an emulator of the sound chip of the Nintendo Game Boy.
  • PatMan - a GUS-compatible patch instrument.
  • SF2 Player - the official SoundFont2 player.
  • SID - an emulator of the sound chips used by the C64.
  • TripleOscillator - the 'standard' subtractive synthesis module.
  • VeSTige - VSTi-hosting plugin
  • Vibed - powerful vibrating-string synthesis module.
  • ZynAddSubFX - A powerful hybrid synthesizer


Howto: Working with Instruments

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