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colorsur.png This page serves to coalesce art-oriented documentation on the architecture of LMMS. This section is very new, please help refine these if you spot issues or can help fill out information on a missing topic.


Short, introductory pages on each topic establishing what you need to understand.
infode.png Artwork Conventions


Step-by-step task-oriented guides.
preferencesdesktoptheme.png Creating a Theme
Theme Porting Guide for porting themes for 1.0.0 (note, still being updated)


A list of all the graphical work that should be done in LMMS.
mailtodo.png Roadmap for artists


configusers.png Artwork contest (outdated)


This is a contents page only - all actual articles are supposed to be linked from here. The rationale behind the structure of this page can be found at the Wikipedia article on Software Documentation.

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